Survey Types

Engine Surveyor offers comprehensive marine diesel and gas engine survey services to assist you in making an informed decision.
Our goal is to educate you about the vessel you are interested in purchasing or aid you in troubleshooting any issues that arise.

Survey Types

Whether you're about to purchase a vessel, troubleshooting issues, or need an export witness, a non-biased marine diesel engine surveyor is crucial. At Engine Surveyor, LLC. and Associates, our team can provide surveys, sea trials, and additional support for your investment and peace of mind.

If you are looking for a marine diesel engine survey checklist, comprehensive marine diesel survey services, or instructional tutorial advice about diesel engines, transmissions, and generators, we are willing to share with you all the facts and industry secrets.

Depending on the problems you're looking to address, we will recommend which survey is best for you and your vessel.

close-up of a marine engine

One Day Survey

Our One Day Survey includes:

External visual inspection
Performance sea trial
Oil analysis
Written report

MTU Twin Marine Diesel Engines

Full Survey

Engine Surveyor's Full Survey includes:

External visual inspection
Performance sea trial
Oil analysis
Borescope and comprehession test of cylinder liners
Written report

Engine Surveyor has you covered when it comes to a second set of eyes for ongoing or past repair work and before purchasing a new vessel.

When you choose Engine Surveyor, you know you're getting the best.

Your safety is our number one goal.

Volvo Penta TAMD 72 EDC High Performance Engine


Ongoing and past repair work examined
Ensure the work has been completed to the highest standards
Know you will be safe when you get out on the water

marine engine room


A thorough inspection of:
Engine room
Operating condition
Same-day verbal report
Written report within 48 hours
List of deficiencies and recommendations

Using Engine Surveyor, LLC. for Surveying and Failure Analysis

At Engine Surveyor, we offer comprehensive marine engine surveys. With a survey, we are able to determine your vessel's engine, propulsion, and generator issues and prescribe the best fix. You will always be advised to seek the best price from an experienced, qualified repair facility related to your equipment needs.

Without a marine diesel engine survey, we cannot diagnose your vessel's needs nor the related equipment present conditions.

In addition, Engine Surveyor has experience with failure analysis and as an expert witness in trials.

Brands We Survey and Complete Failure Analysis

Engine Surveyor performs marine surveys on all engines, transmissions, and generators.
Engine Surveyors, LLC. is not a dealer and performs surveys only.
Brands we have serviced include: