Engine Surveyor provides the most professional and detailed marine surveys available.

Our services include the following:

Engine Failure Analysis

Deal with engine failures for repair shops, shipyards, engineering consultancies, insurance companies, and private owners.

Engine failures result from a complex set of conditions, effects, and situations. To understand why engines fail and remedy those failures, one must understand how engine components are designed, manufactured, function, and interact with other components. This is what our experience provides.

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each engine is the only way to truly supply a superior product, which we continually strive to achieve.

There are many potential causes for failure, but these are the most common: melted piston, hold in piston belt connecting rods, hole in block, lack of maintenance, black smoke, overfueling, overload situations, broken crankshafts, bent push rods, flattened/broken camshafts, water in cylinder, high EGT, overheating, head gasket failure, cracked piston, failed thrust bearing, oil consumption, distorted crank/mainline.

MTU 16V4000 Engine

Air Induction

Check for engine decompression levels to meet manufacturer specifications.
Available vendors to modify or redesign as needed: K&W Filters, Racor, Walker Airseps.


Inspection of wiring to ensure proper gauge and actual condition. Output and amperage test available, removable for repairs, upgrades available with bench testing on belt and gear driven models.

Belts & Pulleys

Inspect for wear and proper sizing, ultimately assuring proper operation.
Replacement of belts and pulleys available.


Expert advice in regards to replacement or upgrades available from: Panish, Morse, Teleflex, ZF Mathers, Hynautic, Twin Disc, Seastar, Micro Commander, Quicksilver, Glendinning Marine, Pneumatic, and Hynautic single, twin, or triple and more stations.

Engine Blocks

Inspection of block, internal or external using bore gauges, fiber scopes, and other measuring equipment utilizing the guideline of O.E.M. requirements. Replacement, repairs, and/or reconditioning available for gas or diesel engines, short or long block, 1 thru 24 cylinders.


All types of engine surveys, supervisor of repowers, and overhauls available.
Knowledge experience of 35 years in the field to have the ability and experience to offer reputable referrals for major or minor service, as well as maintenance worldwide.

Exhaust Systems

Evaluate and inspect for proper installations. Ability to measure exhaust gas flow, gas temperatures, and well back pressure to determine the efficienty or inefficiency for failure analysis.
Exhaust heat insulation and ability to properly cool the gas and proper discharge with adequate flwo and protection.
Experience in redesign and upgrades available due to noise, heat, or compartment size.
Companies include: CAN-SB Marine Plastics, Centek Marine, Craftsman Marine B.V., Halyward (5) Silencer Marine, Soundown Corporation, ETUS, WhisperPower.

Fuel Systems

Inspection of direct fuel injector, carburetion, and tunnel ram injection on single unit injection service test.
Experience working with referral services and test centers.
Modification completed by authorized dealer with warranties.
Continual support from repair centers/clinics and technician support by: Everglades Diesel Injection Service, RPM Diesel Engine Company, Seidel Diesel Group.


Check for seizing, condition of high pressure, fresh and salt water inclusion of exhaust system hoses.
Advise on replacement and upgrade for all brands and types of hoses, including: Aeroquip, Parker Marine Fuel and Engine Hoses, Shields, Attwood Marine, Sierra, Noraflex, Gates, Wilcox Hose, Goodyear/Veyances Technologies, BRP, or the O.E.M. hose manufacturer for that particular equipment.

Intercoolers & Aftercoolers

Inspection for corrosion or leaks with either air/coolant or fresh/salt water.
Inspection for air flow restriction and testing for measure flow, boost, and restriction.
Advise about modifications, updates, and upgrades.
Replacement units by O.E.M. manufacturers.

Oil Spectrum Anaylsis

Performed on engines, generators, and gears to identify abnormal internal engine/gear metal wear, cooling system leaks, blown gaskets, failed seals/o-rings, cracked engine/gear components, etc.
Click here for a more detailed explanation.


Inspection of fuel pickups, fuel injection, fuel transfer or cooling pumps, and cooling assist pumps. All AC/DC and belt/gear driven from O.E.M. or other inclusive.
Models include: Ampco, AMT, Bosworth, CAL, CAT, Ebara, Edison, Fill Rite, Flojet, Gallery Maid, Groco, Grund Fos, Hydra-Cel, Jabsco, Johnson, Little Giant, Lovett, March, Miller-Leaman, MP-Flomax, Oberdorfer, Pacer, Perco, Price, Proven, Re-Ver-So, Rule, Sherwood, Shur Flo, Simer, Walbro, Wanner, Whale, Yamada.

Safety & Diagnostics

Accreditation of United States Coast Guard regulations, tech support of alarm systems and crew safety, and instruction on the diagnostics of marine engines, transmissions, auxiliary equipment, and generators.

Shutdown Systems

Inspection of electrical or manual trigger actions coupled with engine shutdown or fire systems.


Inspection of amperage load and connections.
Referrals for local facilities and/or repair shops to replace or rebuild.
Models: Delco Remy, Powermaster, Sierra, Cummins, Caterpillar, Deutz, MTU, Bosch, John Deere, Power Quick, Ingersol-Rand, other O.E.M. product referrals and sourcing available.

Temperatures & Pressures

Check for accuracy and proper pressure limits and minimals as per O.E.M. whether its electrical (12, 24) or mechanical VDO, Stewart Warner, AC, Teleflea, Hobbs.
Replacement or modification along with installations on new or used helm stations or custom installations in the engine room or any compartment available.

Turbo Charger

Inspection in regards to the turbine blades, mounting gasket, turbo air hoses, oil feed (supply), and drain system. Ability to meaure boost and cleaning.
Referrals for rebuilding and modification available for companies such as: Garrett, Holset, Mitsubishi, Bosch/Mahle, KKK, AirResearch.